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25-3-2021 Candler adds its fleet to Telemar’s bridge electronics service and maintenance solution

Service agreement enables improved predictability of maintenance costs and a dedicated Bremerhaven based co-ordination team means fast client response times

Marlink subsidiary Telemar has signed a five-year service maintenance deal with Candler Schiffahrt GmbH Bremen (Candler) to provide service and maintenance across its fleet of bulk and multi-purpose vessels.

The contract will see Telemar provide global service co-ordination from its new Bremerhaven branch office, with a dedicated staff of five focussed on client service delivery. It also includes provision of the Telemar World Service (TWS), a web-based tool for managing service due dates across the Candler fleet, increasing visibility, saving time and optimizing vessel availability.

Candler manages eight geared bulk carriers and multi-purpose vessels operating in the word-wide tramp trade. By outsourcing bridge electronics maintenance as a service to Telemar, Candler can ensure the operational safety and efficiency of bridge electronics maintenance in a more streamlined way.

The contract includes annual radio survey, radar inspection, performance test for the Voyage Data Recorder and overhaul of gyro compass and five-year exchange of compass gyro sphere, in addition to multiple safety services including GMDSS.

In addition to the TWS tool, Telemar will also provide remote service co-ordination and access to a 24x7x365 service hotline. Having been updated with data on the Candler vessels, TWS automatically sends reminders to fleet managers and service co-ordinators advising on the need for system service or replacement. Candler also has access to the platform and can observe service status, reports and installation history in a single system.

"Candler and Telemar have a working relationship covering navigation and communications stretching back 25 years and as a Marlink connectivity customer there is good synergy in this area of our operations,” says Johann Wadephul, Managing Director, Candler. “We appreciate being able to work with local suppliers that can support us with a professional approach to our fleet and provide tools that increase transparency and improve planning and reporting."

"We are delighted to be working with Candler on a contract that reflects our local knowledge and expertise, with staff dedicated to managing the needs of customers regardless of fleet size,” says Kai Sangkuhl, Managing Director, Telemar Electronics. “By combining our bridge electronics expertise with our dedicated planning system and coordination abilities we increase peace of mind for our customers safe and compliant operations."


19-3-2020 Marlink COVID-19 Update

Dear Customers and Partners,

In view of the latest developments regarding COVID-19 Coronavirus, we would like to update you about the steps we have taken to ensure business continuity.
During this unprecedented time, the Marlink Group is fully operational with total continuity of all our business operations in all locations and functions and with the clear focus to provide you with the highest quality of all our services.

Since the beginning of the outbreak, we have implemented our COVID 19 Response Plan and established a Crisis Team that meets daily to closely monitor, coordinate and direct specific actions to ensure full business continuity today and tomorrow and to protect our employees.

All our Marlink offices worldwide are fully functional and all our Telecommunication Networks, our Teleports, our Network Operational Centres (NOCs) and our Customer Support Operations are fully operational. Our 24/7/365 support team is fully prepared to respond to your inquiries in a comprehensive and timely manner.

Our focus is the health and safety of our employees and our customers! We have taken all precautions to protect our people and our customers and postponed international travel and personal meetings. Our employees are well-equipped to work efficiently from remote and to organize business meetings, using collaboration applications and video chats. Everyone at Marlink remains fully reachable via email, phone, Skype / Teams or social networks.

Our top priority is to keep your business running as reliable and secure as possible. We continue to closely monitor the global situation and endeavour to secure all our operational service levels to provide you with a consistent and high-quality Service.

Please contact your Marlink representative if you have any questions or need assistance.
Yours sincerely,

Erik Ceuppens
CEO Marlink Group

8-1-2020 New BridgeLink Smart Maintenance service optimises remote support and intervention for critical bridge equipment

Pro-active support and maintenance increase first-time fix rates and improve operational efficiency for Telemar customers

Telemar, the Marlink Group company dedicated to Bridge Electronics, on-board services and maintenance, has significantly enhanced its remote support capabilities within the recently launched BridgeLink solution. Telemar engineers will use the BridgeLink Smart Maintenance Application to provide pro-active support to reduce potential down-time and increase efficiency of Bridge Electronics hardware as well as associated software maintenance and repair.

Designed jointly within the Marlink Group, a core aspect of BridgeLink is the interconnection of equipment on board within a standardised data structure. By expanding the scope of equipment remotely accessible via the BridgeLink Smart Maintenance App, Telemar can perform more repairs remotely and increase first-time fixes for a more efficient service when its field engineers visit customer vessels.

The new Smart Maintenance App delivers value across all aspects of service and support. As well as creating a benefit for shipowners by streamlining troubleshooting wherever they operate, Telemar can use the data collected to optimise asset lifecycles and deliver further efficiencies. The BridgeLink Smart Maintenance App will also be used for performance analysis and to collect data for site surveys, helping to further reduce the engineering time required for firmware/software installations and upgrades.

Leveraging remote support technology, Marlink and Telemar are also contributing to reduce time, travel and ultimately also the carbon footprint for shipping companies. The Telemar Smart Maintenance team consists of certified and trained Field Service Engineers able to start in depth investigations to problems with GMDSS equipment, radar and ECDIS, satellite communications systems, Voyage Data Recorders and the majority of communications systems and navigational aids, quickly and from shore.

The BridgeLink Smart Maintenance App implements powerful network security features and all nominated bridge technology on board is connected on a dedicated and secured Local Area Network.


3-12-2019 Marlink Group launches BridgeLink Digital Enablement Platform to enhance maritime operational efficiency

New technology agnostic solution securely connects Operational Technology (OT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications to maximise operational efficiency for shipping companies

Marlink has unveiled BridgeLink, a technology agnostic solutions portfolio designed to interconnect on board Operational Technology (OT) within a standardised data structure.

BridgeLink addresses compatibility and interfacing challenges by providing an open, technology agnostic platform for unifying on board equipment and sensors with network infrastructure and satellite IP connectivity, so that data from any system can be accessed, collected and shared in a single interface at sea or ashore.

Providing access to data from OT such as radar, automation, power and propulsion systems, BridgeLink enables Marlink customers to use scalable remote ship management and smart maintenance systems to further enhance and improve vessel efficiency using secure data collection for specialised analysis and applications.

Fully customisable to fit any specific technical needs, the solution creates the link between on board systems and sensors and how critical data they generate is used to optimise operations, including reducing fuel consumption and thus remaining compliant with IMO regulations, extending equipment lifecycle and improving ‘first time fix’ success rates.

BridgeLink is the next stage in Marlink’s maritime digital enablement strategy, which already provides a platform for data-driven safety and efficiency improvements on thousands of ships worldwide, through unified smart global connectivity, cyber security services and IT network management solutions.
Through the secure collection of data from onboard systems as a maritime IIoT service and data analysis for i.e., predictive maintenance purposes, Marlink subsidiary Telemar will leverage BridgeLink to introduce a unique smart maintenance service, ensuring that ship owners can secure more availability of their assets at sea.

We created BridgeLink to make remote ship management and maintenance processes more straightforward, streamlined, agnostic and secure than even before said, Tore Morten Olsen, President Maritime, Marlink.

With its capacity to integrate, analyse and clearly present any data from any vessel in any back-end system, it introduces the same flexibility and choice that our customers already experience with Marlink’s Smart Connectivity, CyberGuard and ITLink portfolios, adds Olsen


28-5-2019: Telemar & Marlink seminar

On May 22nd and 23rd Telemar and Marlink have jointly hold a seminar for their customers in Italy, in Genoa and Naples.

Some of the most important Italian Shipping Companies attended to learn more about Marlink’s broadband connectivity and digital solutions portfolio, as well as to meet and discuss the latest trends in the shipping industry.

In particular during the seminars Marlink shared with customers the innovative products available for Crew welfare – like Xchange Media and Telemed – and Cyber security as well as the solutions allowing to improve the operational efficiency of the Shipping Companies.

Telemar also had the opportunity to provide the attendees with an overview of BRIDGELINK, its Remote OT monitoring solutions for the on-board navigation equipment. Through BRIDGELINK these data will be available ashore, in order to perform analysis and assessment of the voyage and of the performance of the ship.

The presentations at the event were informative and interesting, keeping customers engaged throughout the day.

The seminars concluded with a lunch, which customers used for networking and individual discussion with Marlink and Telemar staff.

Telemar & Marlink seminar Telemar & Marlink seminar



27-5-2019 New range of products Alphatron JRC Proline

JRC Europe, one of the leading manufacturers in the maritime electronics sector, following the merger with Alphatron, a company known for its integrated bridge solutions and complementary products to the JRC range, has recently introduced a new product line: the newborn Proline, combining northern European design with Japanese reliability.

The product portfolio is focused towards IMO merchant marine vessels, non-IMO ships and fishing vessels with any tonnage from 500GT to 10.000GT, thanks to the modularity of its solutions.

Basically, the Multi-Function Display (MFD) Alphatron line and the well-established JRC products are now combined into a single solution.

This has been achieved using the Black-Box architecture, which has allowed, among other things, to reintroduce products which were no longer available in the product catalogue, such as the JMA-5200/5300 ProLine radar series, in adaptable versions for either non-SOLAS vessels (Black Box solution  and MED approved configuration.


Among the main innovations we find the new JLR-8400 GPS receiver, strictly based on JRC Technology.


  • JLR-4350-30 GPS sensor with 30mt cable
  • 4.5″ NWZ-4620 display unit


The JLR-8600 GNSS receiver, on the other hand, combines the JRC sensor with the Alphatron MFD display unit equipped with No. 2 LAN interfaces, one for the sensor and one for the display unit.


  • GPS sensor JLR-4350-30 GPS with 30mt of
  • NDC-4100 processor unit
  • 6.5 “NWZ-1650 display unit

The ProLine JMR-5400 Next generation line presents a range of CAT2 models that cover all the needs for IMO ships up to 10.000GT both in X band and in S band for which it is possible to choose the AlphaScreen 19″ and 26″ display. The entire range supports CMAP MAX and NEW PEC maps. An absolute novelty in production are the bird watch models JMR-5460-8S-BB with 70kW scanner and 8′ antenna, and the JMR-5472-SBB and JMR-5482-SBB models in solid state S band with a 250kW scanner 7′ and 8′ antennas respectively.

27-5-2019 Iridium Certus - The future of maritime communications

Telemar is pleased and proud to present its best customers the brand new Iridium solution for maritime satellite communications, business operations, security services, IoT and crew welfare applications, offered through the only truly global network of satellite services and its new constellation of satellites: IRIDIUM NEXT.

The new Iridium Next network is the result of the largest technological update in space history. Upon completion, all the 66 satellites already in operation in addition to the 9 standby units will be replaced by newer and more efficient satellites, to provide increased reliability with respect to the current Iridium products and services.

Iridium Certus Maritime is the new multi-service communication platform based on the Iridium NEXT constellation; it offers high performance in data transmission services, with a speed up to 1.4 Mbps and the traditional reliability of voice services with global coverage. Iridium Certus offers guaranteed service on high L-band speed anywhere on Earth.

For the first time in the maritime mobile satellite communications, a better connectivity alternative is now available, offering a series of competitive advantages to the customers, including:

  • Reliability: Service based on 66 Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites to ensure global coverage throughout the world, during all weather conditions.
  • High speed: With the ability to reach up to 1.4Mbps, Iridium Certus proves to be a true broadband service. Currently, the data transmission speed of the Certus 350 version is 352Kbps, upgradable in the future via SW release to the Certus 700 version (704Kbps) as soon as available.
  • Easy to use: lightweight and easy to install terminals, connection in motion…has never been so easy!
  • Multi-Service platform: data, voice and security services in a single terminal, always keeping the crew and company business connected.

Telemar is able to offer its customers the new Iridium Certus Maritime services as a valid alternative to the traditional satellite communications solutions to meet the needs of large and small fleets through a high performance, flexible solution and a convenient performance/price ratio.

The Iridium Certus airtime data packages range from 0MB to 10GB, with a minimum contractual commitment of 3 months and the possibility (from 100MB upwards) to share the allowance with other ships of the same fleet (min. 5 ships). The maximum data bundle is 10GB/month for 50, 100, 250MB, 1GB and 5GB.


IRIDIUM BCX satellite terminal with integrated GNSS module IP 176/704 kbps, No. 3 voice lines, No. 4 PoE LAN ports, No. 1 I/O port and SIM card slot. Antenna diameter: 380mm, weight: 8Kg.

Consisting of:
  • Sailor Iridium Below Deck Unit
  • Sailor 4300 Above Deck Unit
  • 25mt RG223 / U TNC-TNC cable
  • 1mt power cable
  • Installation and user manuals
Note: an optional IP phone is required for the Voice channel4 Vdc power supply
Sailor Iridium Below Deck Unit

Telemar Promo

Lastly, we wish to point out three promotions on the new Iridium Certus, currently available and open for subscription until June 30th, 2019.

Double Up promotion: doubles the monthly allowance of the chosen option for a 24-month period. On condition the SIM remains on the same/previous tariff plan; any change to such overturns the promotion.

Try and Buy promotion: allows a free 2-month test including a data allowance of either 50,100,250 MB or 1GB (1 ship per fleet). Any out-of-allowance data usage during the trial period will be invoiced at normal rates. At the end of the 2-month test, the customer may return the terminal or confirm the service, in this case also with the option to opt for a different tariff plan, within the Certus rates. The costs of the HW, the chosen airtime package and solution(s) will then be invoiced.

AT + HW Bundle promotion: it applies only to 250MB or 1GB tariff plans and contractual commitments of 24 or 36 months; allows to associate, without any hardware investments, airtime + Iridium Certus in monthly installments; for the entire contractual period the ownership of the terminal remains with Marlink.

Note: shipping, installation and uninstallation costs are to be borne by the customer.

For further information please contact:

27-5-2019 News flashes from the Telemar Community
  • Telemar Shanghai Ltd; China
    We are pleased to welcome Kevin Haiping Chen who has been appointed General Manager of the company  taking the lead of the operations as from the 1st of October 2018 from the retiring, long term Managing Director Qiaogen Shan.
    Mr. Chen joins Telemar from Cobham Satcom business with a consolidated knowledge and experience in the Maritime market.
  • Telemar UK Ltd, UK
    Telemar UK has been relocated on the 4th of March this year, moving the offices from Dorking to Chessington. Telemar UK is now sharing the same premises with our other Group company Marlink Ltd (formerly Livewire). The phone numbers and e-mail addresses remain unchanged. The Telemar UK organization has also been re-enforced with two new Service coordinators:  Mr. Paul Rosu and Mr. Marco Salvaggio. Both Paul and Marco are highly experienced maritime professionals, who have previously worked as Deck officers.
    Maria Cimas has also joined the company to assist with the contract & quality management and also acts as back up as service coordinator.
  • Telemar Norway AS, Norway
    The Telemar Norway team has been re-enforced with a new ´team member, Mr. Henning Nilsen started as Logistics and inhouse Service Engineer on 4th March 2019.
  • Telemar Electronics GmbH, Germany
    The Telemar company Funkeletronik Dieter Telemar GmbH in Bremerhaven has changed its name to Telemar Electronics GmbH. In order to better reach their Baltic Sea customers, the company has added its field service presence and is now serving the customers also from the Hamburg area.
  • Telemar Italy
    At the end of April, Mr. Pasquale Golia, long term Head of the Technical Area, concluded his professional career in Telemar. The company and all the staff are very grateful to him for the brilliant and unique work performed over the many years of management rendered.
    Following the decision of Mr. Golia to retire, the technical area has been reorganized into two internal divisions, each one lead by its own manager, with Mr. Federico Franchini being appointed Head of the Bridge Electronics area and Mr. Giuseppe Ambrosino Head of Communications & OT solutions.
5-4-2019 Iridium Certus - The next generation of Satellite Connectivity, anytime, any where

We are pleased to announce the effective service launch of Iridium Certus.

Iridium Certus has been designed to become the market’s fastest L-band (MSS) satellite connectivity, and as of today the only Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellation that offers truly global service coverage (including the Poles).

Iridium Certus – Maritime

Iridium Certus is offered by Marlink as a standalone connectivity solution or as back-up solutions to our Sealink VSAT services. It is empowered by Marlink’s XChange smart service platform to deliver high-quality voice, VoIP and managed data traffic.

Iridium Certus users can also benefit from Marlink’s unique suite of digital solutions, such as SkyFile Mail and Anti Virus, Universal Card, the crew prepaid card for private communications, Data Manager for managing Certus data/IP traffic and much more.

Additionally, Iridium Certus has been approved for Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS) and will be introduced in a later stage.

Cobham and Thales terminals have been specifically chosen to equip Iridium Certus due to their robust qualities, designed to endure the test of time and withstand the harshest of environments. Debuting at 352 Kbps initially, eventual speeds are expected to reach up to 704 Kbps, providing reliable connectivity at all times

Iridium Certus – Land

Iridium Certus Land is offered by Marlink as a standalone connectivity solution and is compatible with major Value Added Services offered by Marlink, including SkyFile messaging solutions and Data Manager for managing Certus data/IP traffic.

Just one terminal ensures users have several options for seamless data, voice and safety services, keeping connectivity at all time whether on land or at sea.

Thales terminal has been specifically chosen to equip Iridium Certus Land due to their robust qualities, designed to endure the test of time and withstand the harshest of environments. Debuting at 352 Kbps initially, eventual speeds are expected to reach up to 704 Kbps, providing reliable connectivity at all times.

If you’d like to contact our team in your region, click here to send your details and we’ll be in touch soon

5-4-2019 The Marlink Group is confirmed as Number 1 Maritime VSAT and Connectivity Provider

Marlink is confirmed as the world’s leading maritime provider of satellite communications and end to end managed connectivity, according to the recent Future of Maritime Connectivity Report from Valour Consultancy.

The report looks at market shares in the global maritime industry, and found that Marlink tops the charts for both overall connectivity and VSAT connectivity services:



The report was closely followed by Marlink winning the prestigious Smart4Sea 2019 Connectivity Award, which recognises ‘a significant achievement, breakthrough or contribution with respect to ship connectivity ‘. The award acknowledges that Marlink has the most diversified and frequency-independent connectivity portfolio alongside premium connectivity quality. Smart4Sea 2019 Connectivity Award

Your network quality benefits, as a Marlink customer
  • Marlink has increased the global Ku-band footprint by two and a half times the size of Australia making it the largest global Ku-band footprint in the market.
  • With 50 beams and 21 satellites currently available, we offer fewer blind spots, wider orbital spread, additional capacity and overlapping beams in congested areas, backup solutions and alternative low-latency carriers.
  • Marlink provides coverage in the remote North West Passage establishing a new exploration opportunity for Cruise and Yachting vessels.
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